The activities in The Challenge program are sequenced to maximise the learning outcomes. Our programs are fully tailored to meet the needs of each group. However, some programming constraints include factors such as group size and age, the number of groups on site, weather and other time constraints.

The Challenge program is divided into three main activity categories:  

  • Introductory Activities           

These are typical “ice-breaker” style activities that give the participants an indication of how the system works at Emu Gully. It also provides Emu Gully and group staff some vital insights in to the dynamics currently happening within the group. Participants learn to think outside the square, listen to each other and identify strengths within their team. In some cases, a group’s performance in these activities may determine the selection of further activities. Our introductory activities may include, but are not limited to The Charge, No Man’s Land, Hoop, Minefields, Skippy, Blanket Volleyball, The Swinging Log, Commando Cable Crossing and Escape from Colditz.

  • Core Activities

Based on historical events and theatres of conflict including WW1, WW2 and Vietnam, these activities provide both context and purpose with the opportunity for exceptional outcomes. The focus is on experiencing and demonstrating the core character values of Courage, Mateship, Sacrifice and Perseverance. The core activities include the Western Front, Siege of Tobruk, Bridge over the River Kwai, Tunnel Rats of Vietnam, Hellfire Pass, The Kokoda Track and the Night Walk.

  •  Extension & Elective activities

Providing groups the opportunity to extend themselves is a crucial part of the process. Physically challenging activities such as the Truck Pull, Rock Climbing and Storm the Fort require leadership, communication and teamwork and can deliver some extremely rewarding outcomes for participants.

In addition to developing leadership, teamwork and promoting responsibility, our elective activities Skirmish and Twister Buggies are exciting and fun. They offer an “X-factor” that further enhances the Emu Gully experience. Due to the nature of these electives the following terms and conditions apply:

Skirmish - Participants must be over 15 years of age

Twisters - Participants must be in Year 6 and above

These activities are an elective for The Challenge program and incur an additional fee. These activities are included in The Adventure program.

Thank you so much to all of the amazing Emu Gully staff for the most memorable camp experience for my Year 11 cohort. My staff and students have all enjoyed the incredible activities, challenges & true stories behind them all. I truly wish every Australian student could experience what you all have to offer, as the real life stories & history of this country that you share, & then connect to each challenge & activity, is so important & valuable. From the planning & lead up, through to the accommodation, food & experience itself, Emu Gully is an outstanding learning adventure on so many levels. THANK YOU!
— Chancellor State College Year 11

I cannot express enough gratitude to Adam and the team. I have done a lot of camps in my time as a teacher and I can honestly say that I have not come across a team more capable, professional and downright fantastic. Please, pass on this thanks to them. Adam especially is incredibly inspiring. I am excited to be there again in two years time with my new group!
— Daniella Shuttlewood Pastoral Leader – Year 11, SIENA CATHOLIC COLLEGE