The activities at our Helidon campus are purpose-built for developing teamwork and leadership and are typically based around epic events in our history. Each program focuses on the character values of Courage, Mateship, Sacrifice and Perseverance and are professionally facilitated to enhance learning outcomes both in the moment and with application to real life. 

We offer three distinct programs:

The Challenge

Fully catered with dormitory style accommodation for up to 250 people, The Challenge program is the cornerstone of the Emu Gully experience. Designed for groups from Year 4 and beyond, The Challenge is exceptional for building teams, overcoming obstacles, enhancing communication skills and developing leadership capacity.

The Adventure

Camping in tents and preparing meals with ration packs are an empowering part of The Adventure program experience. Designed for groups from Year 6 and beyond, The Adventure takes participants outside their comfort zone. The Adventure is tailored to develop resilience, responsibility and independence and achieves outcomes including harnessing teamwork, building character and applying leadership lessons.

The Advantage

Our corporate program, the Advantage is about developing leadership. Tailored to meet the specific needs of each corporate client, The Advantage improves communication, enhances team performance and develops leadership capacity. Using the latest tools, models and leadership concepts along with our unique activities, our intent is to help you grow your business by growing your people.


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