Groups from Year 6 and older embrace the experience of sleeping in tents and preparing their own meals sourced from ration packs. The Adventure activities typically take 1- 2 hours to complete and are based on a wide range of military campaigns from WW1 through to current conflicts. Participants delve into history, gaining real skills and knowledge to apply to life now. Each activity is delivered independently and is designed to focus on a specific element of teamwork, communication, leadership and character. The Adventure program is tailored to meet the needs of each group. However, some programming constraints include factors such as group size and age, the number of groups on site, weather and other time constraints.

The Adventure program provides an authentic camping experience that is suitable for taking people out of their comfort zone, developing resilience and providing opportunities to develop independence. Activities may include the Malayan Campaign 1 & 2, Beersheba, The Homefront, Tank, Templeton’s Crossing, The Hindenburg Line, Bringing up the Guns, Digging In and Digger James Hill. Our Battle of the Nek night activity is an engaging experience that delivers some profound learning moments.

It is worth noting that Malay 1 involves our Twister buggies and is included in the camp fee. Digging In is a Skirmish based activity only offered to senior groups and attracts a small additional fee per group.