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Thank you to our valued clients for many years of successful and enjoyable camps together at our Pindari Campus.
Our Pindari Campus will be changing hands as of the end of 2017. Clients can contact the new owners via their Website   https://www.pindariadventures.com/  and bookings can be made through the school enquiry link. We wish Alfie all the very best in his camping endeavours.



Frequently Asked Questions

Almost all answers to FAQ's are in the Pre Camp Information Checklist below.  Please check this first before contacting our office.

1. I have a special diet.  Do you cater for vegetarian/vegan/gluten free etc. Unfortunately, our Pindari Campus in NSW is not able to cater for special diets.  Meals are army style ration packs.  Check the list and photo under the Adventure Camping tab, "Catering", and bring any alternate food as required.  We are able to deduct the amount paid by participants for special meals up to the price of the food for camp.  Please advise your group staff if you have had to purchase additional food.  Participants are able to use fridges and storage areas which are close to other ration supplies.  Please clearly mark your items with your name or place food in bags that you can easily recognise. 

2. My final numbers are under the Minimum Financial Commitment (80% of booked number).  What do I do?  While every care is taken by us to remind you to check enrollment numbers at the start of the year, we do require payment for 80% of the booked number as you have entered into a binding contract by submitting the booking form. We advise contacting each parent by phone to encourage more students to attend, adding another year level to your camp, bringing some additional students from a higher year level as 'helpers', contacting another school close by to see if they have students who would like to join your group, approaching charity groups or churches in your area to sponsor students who are not able to afford to go on camp or raising money through fundraising to cover the 'gap' amount that your attending students will not cover.

3. I am organising our camp for the first time.  What do I need to do?  The pre camp information checklist will cover requirements by camp coordinators.  

4. Where can I find your risk assessments?  The link to Risk Assessments (RA's) for your scheduled activities will be sent to you with your program. If you need access to Risk Assessments earlier, you can contact our office.

5. Do some of the risk assessments need to be reviewed?  The dates for Review on our Risk Assessments are for internal review purposes only and do not indicate that an activity is “out of date”. Whenever an activity is altered in any way, either in procedure, location, sequencing or safety (including briefing and debriefing), the activity is reviewed accordingly and updated. If a review date has lapsed, it simply means that there have been no alterations made to the activity since it was last reviewed. This in no way compromises safety, it just indicates that the activity and the safety measures currently in place are still adhered to by our staff as per the Risk Assessment document.

6. Can I have a copy of your insurance certificate?  Our insurance certificate can be downloaded as a PDF under the Health & Safety tab on our main web page.

7. What happens if it rains? Should we postpone our camp?  No, we are more than happy to run your camp in the rain, and expect to have a successful outcome regardless of weather. Don't forget your raincoat. We do have undercover areas which can be used as alternative activity venues. Exceptions to this would be major flooding/fire and such which could cause dangerous situations. 

8. What happens if there is a medical emergency? All our Senior facilitators have a current Senior First Aid and CPR certificate. If an ambulance is required, it would take about 20 minutes for one to reach our Pindari Campus from Ashford. They would then transport the injured person to either Inverell or Texas hospital. 

9. Can our Bus Driver be accommodated at the campsite too? Our policy is that Bus Drivers will not be accommodated on site during day visits and camps, unless prior arrangements have been made with our CEO. The reasons for this and suggested alternative arrangements are detailed in our Bus Driver Policy. Please familiarise yourself with this policy before making arrangements with your bus company of choice.


Pindari Pre Camp Information

Checklist for Group Coordinator

Please find below a list outlining the requirements for the Group Coordinator.  Our office staff are available if you have any difficulties with these requirements.

1.  Dates for Camp - Please contact our office staff for available dates for your camp.  Due to high demand, there can be limited dates available at peak times of the year.  Do not submit a booking form with dates unless they have been offered to you by our office. Our office phone number is (07) 4697 6631 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2.  Booking Form - Please submit a booking form via our website under the bookings and costs tab, after checking availability of dates with our office staff.  Check our Minimum Financial Commitment Policy under the Bookings tab (booking procedures) which outlines our pricing policies. This includes your commitment to pay a minimum of 80% of your booked number.

3. Deposit Invoice - Upon receipt of your booking form, we will process your form and send you a deposit invoice.  The deposit invoice will be approximately 10% of the final amount owing (minimum deposit invoice = $200 + GST).  We will also send a copy of the deposit invoice to your finance department email which you have supplied on the booking form. Once your deposit payment is received, your booking is confirmed.

4. Contacting Camp Participants with Information - Our website provides information which you will need to provide to the camp participants.  You can find prices, a 'what to bring' list, sample programs and ration pack etc. on our website which can be used when drafting a letter to send home with potential camp participants.  On your camp form, you will need to include medical information (your staff looks after medical needs for the group eg. asthma puffers, medication while on camp), whether the students are weak or non-swimmers (we will provide life jackets for water activities), and any special dietary requirements (students/staff with special dietary requirements will need to provide their own alternate food for Adventure Camping and Pindari Camps). Please ensure that you have allowed additional funds to cover bus costs etc. when advising participants of camp costs.

For Helidon Adventure Camping (tents) and Pindari Campus, meals will be army style ration packs. Special Diets will NOT be catered for.  If considered necessary, such students/staff can bring their own food, the cost of which can be deducted from the final invoice. Check the photo and list of a typical day's ration pack available under the appropriate tab and bring any additional items that are required.

5.  Group Staff and Night Activities - We require a minimum of one of your staff per activity group (between 20 - 25 participants) as well as at least one additional staff for floating between groups.  The staff that are assigned to the activity groups will be responsible for any medication for the group eg. asthma puffers. Your staff will be responsible for supervising participants during meal times, free time and overnight.

Our staff will run all of the activities through the day and one night activity.  Your staff will be responsible for organising and supervising all other night activities.

6.  Program sent to you - We will send your customised program about a month before your camp.  This will outline arrival/departure times, activities and meal times.  We will also include prices, a 'what to bring' list and the information that you will need to provide our office prior to camp. You can use the listed activities on the program to download the risk assessments from our website under the Health and Safety tab, if required.

7.  Information requested about your group - Please advise our office at least 2 weeks prior to camp:

  • Final numbers including male/female breakdown for staff and students
  • Certificate List - Camp participants for 2 - 5 day camps which run through the week will receive a certificate upon the successful completion of their camp activities. To ensure that all participants for camps receive a certificate, please forward an electronic list of names to the Emu Gully office either by email or USB. The list needs to have participant's first name and last name in separate columns, preferably in Word or Excel format.
  • Non - swimmers - Upon arrival at Emu Gully, please give your facilitators a list of the names of any non-swimmers or weak swimmers.  They will be able to provide life jackets for water activities.
  • Participant activity group list not required - Emu Gully staff are happy to allocate activity groups upon arrival, in conjunction with your staff.  We often find that this produces more effective outcomes.

8.  Keep us updated  - We anticipate that numbers will fluctuate due to ill health etc. in the two weeks leading up to your camp.  This is normal and should not cause concern unless your group numbers drop below the Minimum Financial Commitment (80% of your booked number).  Please keep us updated via email if your numbers change throughout this time.

9.  Client Information Pack - When your group arrives at Emu Gully for camp, our facilitators will give you a client information pack.  This pack contains information relevant to your camp experience.  If you have time before coming to camp, you can click on the links below and read the information that will be in the pack.  This is not a requirement, but may assist you if you are aware of the information prior to your arrival. There are some additional documents that are not included here that you will find in your pack on arrival.

Details include a brief explanation of the philosophy behind the Emu Gully approach, as well as some vital logistical information which may be useful throughout the course of the camp. 

Client Information Pack:

  • Emergency Phone Numbers              Download PDF
  • Pindari Site Plan                             Download PDF
  • Minor Injury Register                       Download PDF
  • Incident Report                              Download PDF
  • Staff Rating Sheet                           Download PDF
  • Student Rating Sheet                      Download PDF
  • Disclaimer Form                             Download PDF

10.  Arrival Time - Our Camp Facilitators will meet your group when you arrive at the Pindari Campus. They are always here and ready for your group at least 1/2 an hour prior to your anticipated arrival time.  We will not be concerned if your group arrives up to 1/2 an hour later than anticipated because we understand that late participants or road works are normal set-backs.  If you anticipate that you will be arriving more than half an hour later than expected, please contact our office and we will notify your facilitators.

11.  Camp - You made it! 

Upon arrival, Emu Gully and group staff will have a brief discussion (approx. 5 - 10 minutes) covering camp goals, participants with special needs, first aid, emergency/fire evacuation etc. (List can be found on the Emu Gully staff welcome brief PDF in the client information pack)  Please be prepared to communicate with our staff regarding these matters and ask any questions that you have about your role at this time. A Disclaimer form will need to be signed for your supervisory/participating role during camp. Your facilitators will bring this to your attention during the brief.

We are looking forward to partnering with you and trust that your group will have a successful and enjoyable camp experience.

Emu Gully Adventure Education Group Inc

Contact Us

P: (07) 4697 6631

E: [email protected]

F: (07) 4697 6999

Please Note: Office hours are 8.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday. The office is not attended on weekends. Messages left out of hours will be attended to at our earliest convenience.