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Thank you to our valued clients for many years of successful and enjoyable camps together at our Pindari Campus.
Our Pindari Campus will be changing hands as of the end of 2017. Clients can contact the new owners via their Website   https://www.pindariadventures.com/  and bookings can be made through the school enquiry link. We wish Alfie all the very best in his camping endeavours.


Our Pindari campus was established in 2002 and is a 2500 acre property situated in northern NSW, approximately 22km east of Ashford, bordering the Pindari Dam. 

The Pindari campus enhances our focus on character and has a wilderness theme. The program caters for approximately 150 participants sleeping in deluxe swags. It utilises out-door showers with rudimentary water heating and long drop toilets. Ration pack meals are prepared by the campers on Hexamine stoves. The classroom is also used as a central meeting point, teaching centre and for night time activities.

The activities at Pindari campus utilise the wilderness environment and range from GPS navigation and bush walking, to the "Buttress" (a large rock scramble with magnificent views), as well as twister buggies and motor boats. The program should be seen as a fantastic opportunity for participants to have a reflective look at themselves, as well as provide a very unique opportunity to develop relationships within the group.


The activities at our Pindari campus challenge participants physically and emotionally. These provide an excellent opportunity to develop some essential life skills and build relationships.


Emu Gully staff tailor each program to maximise the outcomes for each individual group taking into consideration factors such as group size, the number of groups, weather and other time constraints.


The Pindari program requires participants to collect ration packs and then prepare and cook their own food utilising a personal mess kit and hexamine stove. The highlight is often the camp BBQ on the last night of the program. Special dietary requirements are not catered for in the ration packs. Participants requiring alternative items are welcome to bring them to camp. Reimbursement is available for these participants up to the allocated food cost for camp.


View a wide range of comments from various groups in relation to accommodation, catering, activities, briefs and debriefs.

What to Bring

  • Find out what to bring to our Pindari campus.
  • Please also take note of items that should not be brought to camp.

Getting Here

View our mud map as well as a set of written directions (from Toowoomba) to navigate your way to our Pindari campus.


Bus Drivers at Pindari during Camps

Our policy on Bus Drivers is that they not be accommodated on site during camps, unless prior arrangements to the contrary have been made with our CEO.

The reasons for this are detailed in the following document, along with alternative suggestions for accommodation. We request that you familiarise yourselves with this policy before making any arrangements with your bus company of choice. 

Bus Driver Accommodation Policy

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