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Pindari facilities (NSW Campus)

Situated on approximately 2,500 acres bordering the Pindari dam, this campus provides a wilderness experience with a touch of class. Participants are issued with deluxe swags and a camp chair. Group shelters are purpose built and well equipped. Staff huts are also available as well as an onsite class room for meeting purposes and some night activities.


Climbing the Buttress is the peak experience of the Pindari program. It is physically challenging and enables individuals and groups to realise their potential and experience the rugged beauty of the Pindari campus.

Motor boats & Hut

Participants are taught the basics of water safety and the safe operation of small motor boats in an exciting activity.

The Hut provides a range of unique experiences from fire lighting, billy boiling to yabby races and cooking  and consuming a loaded spud.

Navigation and GPS hike

Participants are taught the fundamentals of navigation including map reading, using a compass and using a GPS. These skills are then put to the test on the GPS hike.

Water Based Activities

The Rocky Traverse, swimming hole and waterfall provide fantastic opportunities for participants to enjoy natural surroundings of the Pindari dam and to challenge themselves physically.


The Twister buggy track is both challenging and free flowing allowing participants of all abilities to test their driving skills.

Night Shots

One of the features of the Pindari program is the opportunity to sleep in our deluxe swags under the open sky. Conversation around the campfire also provides an excellent opportunity to build relationships between participants and group staff.


All meals at Pindari are suppplied in ration packs and are prepared by the participants using a hexamine stove and their personal mess kit. The highlight is the BBQ on the last night of the program.

Emu Gully Adventure Education Group Inc

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