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Helidon Adventure Camping (Tents)

The Adventure Camping program offers a unique camping experience where participants are supplied with a tent, mess kit & drink bottle to keep as their own. Activities are based on various conflicts from World War Two through to current operations. Activities will include; The Malayan Campaign, The Burma Bridge, Long Range Desert Patrol, The Mekong Delta and a Navigation  Mission.


Helidon Standard Program (Cabins)

Core Activities

All of our activities provide an opportunity to reflect on the core character values of Perseverance, Mateship, Courage and Self Sacrifice. Our core activities include the Western Front, The Siege of Tobruk, The Tunnel Rats of Vietnam, The Bridge over the River Kwai and the Kokoda Track.

Low Ropes & Initiative Activities 

These initial activities promote teamwork, problem solving and develop essential communication skills. The core character values of perseverance, mateship, courage and self sacrifice provide the foundation for the success of the camp. These activities include The Charge, No Man's Land, Hoop, The Swinging Log, Commando Cable Crossing, Escape from Colditz and Skippy plus many more. 


Twister Buggies and Skirmish are offered as electives at our Helidon campus providing that extra opportunity for fun, personal challenge and teamwork.

Extension activities

Activities such as the Rope Run, Truck Pull and the Tower Jump are often used to push students that little bit further, and as a result, often become the catalyst for increased team performance.

Aerial Shots

Situated on approximately 180 acres, the Helidon campus offers a wide range of natural and man made features, ranging from well established accommodation blocks and dining rooms to dams, black soil flats, twister buggy tracks and rugged gullys.


Our Helidon campus has a range of dormitories with a total bed capacity of 170. There are 3 dining areas and a large modern kitchen which caters for all groups.

Dam Activities

Our purpose built dams are perfect for activities and provide excellent swimming facilities during the warmer months.

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