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Helidon Campus Testimonials

At Emu Gully, we are continually trying to improve the quality of our facilities and programs in order to meet the particular needs of each of our clients.

We actively pursue feedback directly from participating groups on our staff / student rating sheets, and we also regularly receive feedback in the form of emails, letters and phone calls.

Below are some letters that we have recently received as well as a wide range of comments taken directly from staff / student rating sheets. 


  • Glenview State School Yr 7: Catered well for those with food allergies.
  • Heights College Yr 11: Excellent as usual - Well done Adam and Rick.
  • Blackall State High School Yr 11: Plenty of food and at a high standard.
  • Australian Christian College: Couldn't have asked for more!
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Yr 6: Best camp food we've ever had!
  • Rosewood State School Yr 6-7: Very nourishing and sustaining. Delicious! The best camp food we've had!
  • Everton Park Yr 11: Always fresh & hot and healthy. Fruit available. Love the coffee machine.
  • Thallon State School Yr 7: Very tasty. Great varied menu, friendly, happy staff.
  • Chinchilla State High Yr 10: Excellent - always on time. Special meals were great.
  • Clontarf Beach State High School Yr 11: Vegetarian option was good - suitable to student's tastes.
  • Maroochydoore State High School Yr 10: Awesome food - beyond our expecations.


  • Thallon State School Yr 7: Very suitable - easy to clean.
  • Glenvale Christian School Yr 7: Fancy having air conditioning in the rooms!!
  • Villanova Yr 9: Clean and functional.
  • Bray Park State High School Yr 10: Highly suitable for students and staff.
  • Clermont High Yr 11: Good for the purpose of the camp.
  • Maroochydoore State High School Yr 10: Served it's purpose, Clean, tidy and practical.


  • Meridan State College Yr 8: Great, challenging, different and safe. Awesome debriefs.
  • Maroochydoore State High School Yr 10: Great build in intensity. Briefs very informative and set context well. Debriefs made kids reflect well.
  • Bray Park Yr 11: Fantastic activities pitched at appropriate level. Great briefs and debriefs, really enjoyed seeing the connections made between activities and real life.
  • Melton Christian College Yr 10: Awesome and well tuned into student outcomes. Some insightful analysis.
  • Sunshine Beach State High School Yr 10: Activities - Gold. Progression excellent. Briefs and debriefs very thorough. Great use of what the kids did to bring out discussion of life messages.
  • St Joseph's Tobruk School Yr 6 - 7: Great variety - Well organised and planned. Very good links to school environment and life.
  • Livingstone Christian College Yr 11: Very well organised and relevant activities. Great feedback for students.
  • Longreach State High School Yr 11: Activities were excellent, challenging, useful, vibrant and dynamic. Briefs and debriefs provided real life relevance and historical facts. Useful, real and honest.
  • Chancellor Yr 10: Can't fault at all. Feedback was accurate, spot on humour and insights. Good reflections and staff were able to read kids well.
  • Christian Outreach College Toowoomba Yr 11: Loved the development of activities. Every activity had a purpose. Debriefs provided great insight and were very relevant.


  • Chancellor State College Yr 11: Thank you so much to all of the amazing Emu Gully staff for the most memorable camp experience for my Year 11 cohort. My staff and students have all enjoyed the incredible activities, challenges & true stories behind them all. I truly wish every Australian student could experience what you all have to offer, as the real life stories & history of this country that you share, & then connect to each challenge & activity, is so important & valuable. From the planning & lead up, through to the accommodation, food & experience itself, Emu Gully is an outstanding learning adventure on so many levels. THANK YOU!
  • Dalby State High School Yr 8: Delivered exactly what we wanted and our kids rated it 10 / 10!
  • Bauple State School Yr 7: Better than ever expected. Staff were excellent, polite, courteous, professional and accommodating.
  • Glenview State School Yr 7: Fantastic! Kids and staff thoroughly enjoyed their time at Emu Gully. The program was well organised and coordinated. Lynda and Jon were brilliant facilitators, getting the best from the children. They were firm, but always positive and encouraging. We cannot begin to express our gratitude. Thank you so much!
  • Banora Point High School: A great experience. Laury was outstanding, informative and respectful of our indigenous culture and had a good understanding of our needs.
  • Heights College Yr 11: Never to be missed. Thank you. Night walk was very effective. It's great to see servant leadership qualities being modelled by all Emu Gully staff.
  • Beenleigh State High School Yr 11: Camp exceeded all expectations of developing leadership among the group. 
  • Blackall State High School Yr 11: A brilliant camp. The group had a wonderful time. Anthony was a wonderful facilitator who pushed us to our limits and gave us the opportunity to excel.
  • Allora / Killarney Yr 10: As ever, excellent activities, followed by incisive, relevant debriefing sessions. Staff were helpful and pushed kids to achieve goals, which is exactly why we were here and will keep coming back. Thank you.
  • Beerwah High School Yr 8: This is our second year at Emu Gully and the students really enjoyed the experience. I hope we can come for the next 10 years. 
  • Rosewood Yr 6 - 7: An excellent and brilliant experience. The students were more cohesive when they departed than when they arrived. The staff are committed and caring and know their stuff. Peter and Lynda are dedicated, motivated and driven, They were wonderful with the students and the staff. Awesome team. Thank you.
  • Maleny State High School Yr 9: The concept behind this camp is fantastic.Students learned valuable lessons and staff had a great time. We'll be back.
  • Toowoomba Christian College Yr 11: Wow! A great camp overall – students responded really well. A really valuable learning time for the students. The Emu Gully staff were encouraging, enthusiastic, professional and great fun, A fantastic job!
  • St Andrew’s Lutheran College Yr 11: Always professional, calm and wanting to see the best out of our students. Thanks for your never ending patience and high standards you set for the students to reach.
  • Ferny Grove State High School Yr 11: Thank you so much! Unbelievable! Organised, Efficient, Friendly, Most professional. Had objectives and a program that challenged and rewarded.
  • Capalaba State College Yr 11: Thank you for being so inclusive of our special needs students. Your discussions and involvement with the students have made them realize that they can reach and exceed their potential. The staff have a fantastic attitude towards both staff and students in terms of pushing / testing boundaries. Excellent motivators and easily approachable.
  • Australian Technical College: Staff were excellent, always helpful. Appreciated the flexibility in catering the activities to the dynamic of the group.
  • Withcott State School Yr 7: Thank you so much. Staff were welcoming, easy to get on with, warm and friendly.
  • St Thomas More Yr 11: We were very impressed. Thank you. Darren and Janelle were great with the children. Raised the bar and made them achieve. I liked the fact that we had the same instructors for the duration of the camp.
  • Emmanuel College Yr 11: Thank you for another very successful leadership camp. This camp has always been great, but it continues to improve each year we visit.
  • Suncoast Christian College Yr 11: We’ve had, as always, a brilliant life changing camp. The staff were brilliant. We are always so impressed with the level of care the trainers take with individual kids and their commitment. Loved the improvements we have seen this year.
  • Skill Centre Queensland: Your contribution has effected each and every one. We will be taking back treasures that will continue to help us make better choices in life. Thank you. Don’t change a thing!
  • QLD State swimming Centre: Beyond our expectations. Great linkage back to our sporting world as well as normal life. All staff were very friendly and helpful. Darren was an excellent facilitator and educator. He genuinely wanted to make us better. Thanks mate.
  • Deception Bay State High School Yr 10: The extra effort made by the Emu Gully staff was highly appreciated. The awareness staff have of what engages our students was outstanding. Excellent choice of activities. Thoughtful comments made by staff were aimed at our students own self development.
  • Eden’s Landing State School Yr 6/7: Our third year bringing kids to Emu Gully has been as great as ever. The staff are always committed to bring out the best in students. We were always impressed by how the staff take the time to learn all the kids names and take the time to chat and make the teachers feel welcome too.
  • Holy Name Yr 7: Everything is so well organised. The children have little time to be distracted and get into trouble. The staff were excellent. Friendly, firm, fair and devoted to what they do. They certainly show a lot of teamwork and spirit. The children have had a great learning experience and I’m sure their parents will be impressed.
  • Toowoomba Preparatory School Yr 7: Your staff are the best I have ever seen. Their attention to detail and passion towards their jobs is so evident. They were hard when they needed to be and never attacked any child, only their behaviour. The empathy they also showed towards each child during activities which some found challenging was impressive. I found the approach of all instructors extremely friendly, yet firm. The children knew the boundaries right from the start. I also think their sense of humour engaged the children even more. Darren, Laury, Pete, Lynda and Andy were absolutely fantastic. Don’t change anything!
  • Laidley State High School Yr 11 & 12: Students enjoyed all aspects of camp. The staff were very helpful in pushing students to their limit, which in turn helps them reach their full potential.
  • Wynnum North State School Yr 6: Good content to reinforce school needs and values. Staff were friendly and able to identify with our students.
  • Inglewood / Texas State School: A valuable learning experience. All staff were helpful and friendly. Laury was excellent – pitching the briefs / debriefs well. He was encouraging to all students but still giving, expecting boundaries. Well done!
  • Sheldon College Yr 11: Best camp most of us have ever attended (Students and teachers). The achievements accomplished by all students in less than a week far exceeded what could be expected of them in years of development. The Emu Gully staff were brilliant, wonderful, cohesive, a great team, complemented each other, had a great manner with the children, were highly experienced and were very approachable.

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