Adam Grant - our Facilitators Manager talks about self-efficacy

Self-efficacy – I’ve heard the term, but until recently I didn’t understand what it meant. A session at the national Australian Camps Association conference explained it as an individual's belief in their innate ability to achieve goals.

I didn’t know what it meant, but every day I see the growth of self-efficacy in young people here at Emu Gully Adventure Education. 

As they take part in activities that challenge their fears, as they listen to the voices of their peers supporting them and as they make active choices to participate, we see individuals building their sense of self-efficacy. 

As teenagers see others cross the Bridge over the River Kwai or crawl through the Tunnel Rats of Vietnam and then opt in for themselves, they are developing a new confidence in their ability to succeed.

Self-efficacy is this belief and confidence in my ability to succeed.  And really, isn’t that what we want to develop in every single child?

Outdoor Education offers us a unique way to provide this opportunity. And why wouldn’t it? 

It’s a space most kids want to be in.  Outdoors, with mates, being active, having fun and taking on new challenges. And in this space, it’s possible that young people are given the opportunity to gain a greater confidence and leave us with a belief in their own ability to achieve and succeed.

Who knew all that could happen through a three day camp in the great outdoors!

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Shana Rogers